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My 55 page romcom novella

set in The Cotswolds ...

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Featured in the sweet & hilarious summer blockbuster romantic comedy anthology

Love in an Elevator

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An Excerpt from Miss Adventure

From Chapter 7...


“Oh, God!” I shriek. “We’re crashing!”

“We are NOT crashing.”

“We’re not?”

“Damn! I knew you were all wrong for this.”

“All wrong? No, I’m not!” I stiffen my spine, 

sitting up as tall as I can. “I can do this. I AM doing this!”

Jack looks away. “I better just take you home.”


“Yes. You said this was what you wanted, but clearly 

you don’t want to be here.”

“Yes I do! I can do this and I will.”

“Okay.” In a flash, he rips off his headphones and mine, 

snaps open his seatbelt and mine, and pulls me against 

him as he stands.


Jack turns me around and wraps his arms just under 

my ribcage. I figure out what he’s doing just as the 

helicopter banks sharply.

Out we go, tumbling backwards through space.




What People Are Saying 


 Miss Adventure

Quirky, heartfelt, and thoroughly entertaining!”

David McWhirter, director, 

TNT's The Closer

"This book is the perfect chic-lit, so perfect in fact, I parallel it to Kinsella’s books. The antics just don’t stop in this well-paced adventurous story."

Rhonda Y.C. Johnson, One Literary Experience



This novel is a totally unique romance, exploring the real and imagined issues and stark truths of a surprisingly vulnerable heroine. 

It definitely earned a spot on my Keeper Shelf.

Award-winning author Sandra Paul

"What I really enjoyed about this book was the hilarious descriptions. GVR Corcillo does an amazing job at showing what's happening, rather than just telling. If you love romantic comedies, I recommend reading this one."

Amy Brantley, A Girl and Her Kindle


 “Corcillo's depiction of the modern woman jumps off the page with humor, pluck, and 

a healthy dose of sexuality."

Bruce Kluger, author and columnist


 “Loved it! Corcillo has a great voice. Reads like a fun romantic comedy movie.

Best-selling author Mindy Neff

"Pure fun and romance."

Thinking Woman "Reader" on Amazon

"I laughed out loud when I read this book. Lisa reminded me of the character Bridget Jones."

Terry on Amazon

"By the end of the book, I was awwwww."

Julia "books are my crack" on Amazon

"A laugh out loud romp of a book. Read this in one day."

Theresa Lee on Goodreads

"I cannot express how much I adored this book. I was hooked after the first page."

Kallie on Goodreads

"Wow! An amazing story, crisp writing, with a healthy dose of sass."

Frances Bothelo on Goodreads



Miss Adventure:

Rebecca's Reads Choice Award Winner!

Best Indie Book of 2013     Best Humor Book of 2013

Book Buyer's Best Finalist 2014

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter Finalist 2014

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Can charismatic TV writer 

Lolaconvince reclusive 

handyman Arlen to 

become her show's leading 

man in time to save her 


And if he says yes, 

how will she handle a dark 

horse like him?


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"Corcillo's writing is charming, hilarious, and sheer perfection." --Living Life With Joy



"I got hit with twists and turns that made the quirky comedy evenricher. Corcillo will leave you laughing, cheering and wantingto be friends with her characters!"

-- Whitney Dineen, Bestselling author of The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan



"I love the concept of this book! Real world meets Hollywood Glam! It will pull you in right from the beginning and keep you intrigued until the end. Sit back and enjoy every minute!" --One Book at a Time



"If you are in need of some laughs, romance and craziness, I highly recommend thisrefreshing story -- original, fun and highly entertaining." "--Alba in Bookland



"Corcillo has breathed life into her characters, which makes me love them all the more!"--Chick Lit Central