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The Covers


My Miss Adventure cover was illustrated and designed by

Sue Traynor

Sue is professional, patient, flexible, diligent and affordable! On her website, she says that she tries to make every illustration her best - and it is so true! She will work until the cover is PERFECT!!!

Icommissioned the artwork for my first two covers from digital artist

Annicka Rietveld

Her work is so amazing that my cover turned out even more vibrant and sassy than I dared imagine. I then sent the illustration to Lex Valentine at

Winterheart Design. Lex

 designed the cover, making it eye-catching beyond my dreams. 

You know, I've heard it said that the work of a writer can be quite solitary, even isolated. But putting this book together has allowed me to collaborate with some amazing people who also happen to be very gifted and professional artists.

The Reviews Keep 

Coming In!


Lost In Chick Lit

"This book captured me from page one! GVR Corcillo writes a hilarious story with 
a charming and very lovable heroine.The plot is well-paced and very original and turns out to 
be genius!


I loved the relationship between Lisa and Jack. What a story they live! Full of ups
and downs, insecurities, adrenaline-fuelled sex, lies and maybe love? 
You will be very surprised with the ending! And what an ending! I can truly say that 
I enjoyed this book till the last page!


GVR Corcillo will now be part of my top chick lit writers. You don't want to miss 
this sassy crazy romance! You are in for a treat and lots of laughs for sure! "

Rebecca's Reads


"From the first chapter, I laughed so hard I cried. 

The way it is all put together, it just flows perfectly. 

Everything that happens to Lisa is just over the top and a character I can see 

Cameron Diaz playing on the big screen. 

Brilliant! This is the most hysterical book I have read yet by an indie author. 

Not to mention the romance was not achieved easily and I appreciated this more than anything. 

Corcillo gets five big shiny stars and my hopes for her are to get this book 

into the hands of a director who can put this chick lit story on the big screen."



Bookroom Reviews

"Jack and Lisa are hilarious together. Jack and Lisa have great chemistry together. 

If you want a book with romance, comedy, and adventure, then this is the book for you."

Clutter Your Kindle

"I loved the two main characters. 

Lisa Flyte is a real woman with real insecurities. 

But instead of wallowing, she conquers her fears to better herself. 

You find yourself inspired to face your own fears and blast them with a bazooka.


Jack Hawkins is so sexy. I like a man who is “male” without the self serving alpha crap. 

He fits the bill. He knows how to be a man without conquering 

everything and everyone to serve his own ego. 

I love a man like that. Nothing is sexier than someone who is happy with who they are."

A Girl and Her Kindle


"What I really enjoyed about this book was the hilarious descriptions. 

GVR Corcillo does an amazing job at showing what's happening, rather than just telling. 

If you love romantic comedies, I recommend reading this one." 

Labor of Love Reviews

"This is the perfect read if you’re looking for a few good chuckles and lots of smiling ."

Bilbo's Book Ends


"I started reading the book on April 6 and was finished by April 7. 

Granted it's 302 pages long, but when you have a book that has a great story, 

sometimes you just get so swept up in the characters that 

you can't put the book down."

In D'Tale Magazine


"A Chick Lit in full force."

Book Nerd


"GVR delivers a hysterically fun romance.  

It's impossible not to read this book and not find yourself laughing-out-loud.  

The romance was sweet but the heroine's antics were the driving force for me.  

Fun, romantic and a wonderful adventure!"

Books Are Love

"This book had me laughing so much my sides hurt and tears came from my eyes. 

GVR Corcillo writes a great light fun romance.

Lisa is funny and her references to movies are awesome. 

Lisa and Jack encourage each other and support one another and that is beautiful to see. 

What makes this great is this is all happening while reading a funny and light story. 

A great fun read that will have you laughing at their adventures and LIsa’s thoughts."

Savvy Verse & Wit


"Corcillo has a flair for comic timing, 

and this is a laugh fest that readers will enjoy over the summer and 

recommend to others on the beach.  

Female readers in particular will laugh out loud as these two spar with one another. 

It’s a fun ride and readers will love the antics of Lisa."

Love, Romance, Passion

"I like how Lisa is introduced to readers as a person who seems to be afraid of everything, 

but who rises from her fears and make a good go of her life. 

Her theatrics and the humor from them is exceptional.

If readers have a sense of humor and like comedies they are in for a treat."

Romantic Escapes

Every once in a while there comes a book that grabs you from the first sentence and doesn't let go...until long after you've read it. A book that begs you to read it all in one sitting. A book, that at times, is so real - you wish you could jump into the story and live it. A book that you know you'll read several times. One that has found its place among your favorites.

This is that book.

The author does a fantastic job of showing the reader everything they want to see. I could feel Jack's frustration with Lisa. I could feel his passion. I could feel his humor. I understood why he was the way he was. It was amazing. 

Another thing I loved about the book? Lisa's voice. She's scatterbrained, she goes off on tangents, she's not afraid (despite what she thinks) of showing her fear, she questions herself. She's so real. She's funny, she has a heart of gold, people adore her, she loves animals, and yet she has no idea of her worth. So many women, I'm sure, can relate to that. And I love that by the end of the book, she realized it and stood up for herself. She took a stand, drew that line in the sand, and she refused to deviate from it.

And Jack. Oh Jack. He's flawed, he's gorgeous, he has cobalt blue eyes, he's a man, he has principles, he has a sense of humor, and he likes animals. He's practically perfect and a definite contestant for Book Boyfriend...hell, Book HUSBAND. There is so much to him, yet you feel like you know him so well. 

This book has it all. Love, Romance, Family Drama, Friendships...and Humor. 

Lots and lots of humor. I laughed so hard at times, I had tears running down my face! 

You won't be disappointed if you buy this one. You won't be able to put it down once you start reading it. And after you're done reading it, you'll want to read it again...and again...and again. 

Two thumbs, way up, GVR Corcillo!

Swipe the Pages

"This was a great read! 

This was the perfect mixture of a light easy read with just the right touch of drama included.
I loved the little snippets about real life things like movies.
I look forward to reading more books from this Author."

Amazon Reader Reviews

68 Reviews 4.5/5 Stars

"'Excellent combination of romance, adventure, and humor.'

F. Healy/ 20 reviewers made a similar statement

'I look forward to reading more books from this Author.'

Holly/ 10 reviewers made a similar staement" 

Goodreads Reader Reviews

106 Ratings 47 Reviews  4.07/5 Stars